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Underdoggs Sports Bar Franchise Opportunities

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Learn about the sports bar & grill industry and what sets us different in the industry from the competitors.



    Are you willing to grab winning premium sports franchise opportunities that can create a success story?
    Come and join the Underdoggs Franchise Sports Bar & Grill team, a brand that has created a sensation in the restaurant industry. Our sports franchise is an ideal destination for sports enthusiasts where choices of food and drinks will make you hit a home run every time. We have your favourite lineup of craft beers and entertainment that will leave you excited and ready for the next challenge. Underdoggs Sports Bar is a reputed bar franchise across India. Our winning combination of good food and entertainment has made this fascinating concept stand out in the restaurant arena. For a successful sports bar franchise in India, contact our team!

    Looking for Established Sports Bar Franchises In India?

    We have almost 10 operating Sports Bar franchise locations and the experience to back you up.
    Underdoggs Sports Franchise is an interactive sports bar business. Our franchise opportunities features:
    • A high-octane ambience.
    • An extensive and delicious menu.
    • A unique selection of bottled and crafted beers.
    • A sprawling location featuring pool tables, darts, and high-definition televisions.
    • LIVE sports screening on giant televisions.
    Our vision, “Catch Every Play, Every Score With Good Food“, is something we adhere to. We offer our sports lovers the chance to enjoy thrilling and exciting games. You can get the most of the fun & more beyond just watching the game LIVE with a beer mug in hand.


    Join a winning franchise team at Underdoggs Sports Bar. 

    Be part of a new winning era for the iconic restaurant niche. This is possible when you own an Underdoggs Sports Bar franchise. Our brand leads the way in delivering delicious food, great crafted beer and great times in neighbourhoods across the cities. 

    Minimise your learning curve.

    Be ready to open, get running, and set up your business quickly with our expert and dedicated franchise bar support team, which continuously strives to help you make your own business work. Grab the fantastic franchise opportunities today.

    Control your risk with a premium and reputed business model

    Avoid the wrong and make yourself stand out by leveraging a popular franchise brand that’s been tried and tested for years. 

    Start delivering from Day-1.

    Take assistance from an expert team of professionals trained to coach you through every aspect of establishing your business.

    Meet consumer demand for a fun, engaging destination

    The latest market trends in the hospitality industry will help you take advantage to meet the demands of our customers.

    Interactive ambience will help broaden customer appeal and build a loyal community, providing you with a steady stream of sports fans and revenue for your business.

    Forecasts on the hospitality industry’s spending at bars and restaurants reflect a steady growth pathway. So cash in the benefits today.

    Call now for a sports bar franchise in India!

    A Whole New Sports Bar Franchise For The New-Age Crowd

    Skip the Startup Struggle: Launch Your Bar Franchise Faster
    The Underdoggs Sports Bar franchise’s heavenly food menu has been a crowd-pleaser for many years. Our premium franchise opportunities offer nightly specials and live screenings to keep the atmosphere filled with buzzing gatherings. In this competitive business space, your people will always get a great experience and return for more nights of sports games, live events, and music while socialising with friends. Call us today and get details about our sports bar franchise in India.
    A Full-Circle Franchise Bar Opportunity
    We want our guests to participate in engaging activities and enjoy themselves. We want to give them a vast experience beyond “just going to the bar.” We want people to cheer for their favourite teams, rejoice in the moment, laugh and toast while saying cheers! This is what makes Underdoggs one of the best bar franchises in India.


    We know investing in a sports bar franchise is a long-shot decision. That’s why knowing the numbers—from initial investment to potential returns—is very important. Underdoggs Sports Bar is a premium investment opportunity worth your attention if you are looking for a franchise bar.

    Multiple Day Parts

    Nearby friends and sports enthusiasts come to Underdoggs as their perfect go-to destination for pints of handcrafted beer and delicious food. The sports-driven atmosphere is filled with crowds who love to enjoy live screenings or want to indulge in some other sports activity.

    Beverage Lineup

    Our bar has local favourites, crafted beers, and premium pours to cater to all thirsts.

    The Investment & Returns 

    Total Investment: 2.5 CR –3 Crore
    Monthly Royalties (%): 7
    Area Requirement: 5000 Sq. Ft.
    Agreement Terms (Years): 9
    Payback Period (Years): 1.5 – 2.0

    in your Neighborhood

    Bring great food, great beer and great times to the great people in a neighborhood near you.
    Ready to satisfy your community’s craving for the fun and excitement that happens every day at a Hotshot Sports Bar and Grill?
    We are expanding our brand in the eastern and southern parts of the India.


    We understand the benefit of a promising and dedicated franchise support system. This is what our franchise opportunities offer. It is the key to your growth, so we ensure a hands-on approach to guide you through opening your own Underdoggs Sports Bar franchise. Here’s how the training team of our franchise bar will assist you in delivering exceptional results and running a sports bar that you will be proud to call your own.
    • Pre-Opening Guide

      Sit with an opening specialist, who will guide you through the initial steps, from selecting the destination to setting up the bar.

    • Franchise Site Selection

      Our real estate specialists will help you find the right location to open your Underdoggs Sports Bar.

    • Buildout

      Our experienced project manager will handle the construction details while you can focus on the operations of your business.

    • Initial Franchise Training

      Our franchise bar offers hands-on training in every aspect, from the back of the house to the front.

    • Ongoing Franchise Support

      For franchise opportunities, seek assistance from our experts and marketing professionals who know how to operate your pub franchise’s daily operations.

    • Franchise Marketing

      Get ready for a business with a complete marketing plan that will promote your fun-filled, action-packed ambience through all engaging media platforms.

    We will be in this game with you, and our franchise offer will support you thoroughly to help your business reach its highest potential.


    Hear what our Franchise Owners say about how we can help them reach their business potential.

    In the beginning, we just had the idea to open a sports bar that would be the best place for sports fans of all stripes to congregate. Despite our humble beginnings, we have quickly amassed a dedicated customer base thanks to our commitment to excellence. Since then, Underdoggs has grown to include multiple locations, and expansion into new areas of the country is a primary focus.

    – Sarthak Sidana



    Have you decided to open a lively and fun-filled place where fans can enter the game? Here’s how to determine if the Underdoggs Sports Bar franchise opportunities are right for you.

    Step 1: Fill Out Our Franchise Information Request Form. 

    Let us know how you heard about our first-class, renowned winning formula and how we can contact you.

    Step 2 – Complete The Application

    Please help us understand our aim and determine your driving force.

    Step 3 – Chat With Our Franchise Director

    We will keep your information confidential and review your qualifications.

    Step 4 – Suit Up For Discovery Day

    See how our leadership team will design the winning strategy to help you achieve a successful franchise. 

    Step 5 – Review The Franchise Bar Financial Disclosure Documents

    Know the numbers and seek the opportunity to invest in a life-changing destination. 

    Step 6 – Complete A Personal Interview

    Dive into the details of franchise ownership and see how you can become a part of our team.

    Step 7 – Sign Financial Agreements

    Sign in and join the Underdoggs franchise team!

    We are grateful for your interest in replicating the Underdoggs brand in your city. We eagerly await your effort to establish a popular sports & drink joint in your neighbourhood. 



    How much money can I make with your franchise opportunities?

    It depends, but most owners see their investment pay back in 1.5-2 years. Underdoggs will give you more details at the time of agreement closure.

    Do I need experience running a bar?

    Nope! Underdoggs train you on everything you need to know.

    How much does it cost to open?

    ₹2.5 crore to ₹3 crore covers everything to get started, like the franchise fee, supplies, and building costs.

    How big of a space do I need?

    You need at least 5,000 square feet to start a sports bar in India

    Does Underdoggs help me open my bar?

    We help find a location in your city, train staff, and even market your business. Our franchise opportunities are for someone looking to make money in a profitable business.

    Why choose Underdoggs for franchise opportunities?

    Underdoggs is a successful, growing franchise with a fun atmosphere that people love. You’ll get their experience and brand recognition to help you win!

    Become An Underdoggs Franchisee

    Why Underdoggs

    Become An Underdoggs Franchisee

    Why Underdoggs

    JOIN HANDS WITH A Winning Team

    One of the most awarded bars in the country

    Awarded best sports bar in the country at India's Nightlife Convention & Awards

    Great brand recognition across the Industry

    EXCELLENT SHELF life that stands the test of time

    The ultimate sports viewing venue.

    Engaging entertainment options

    A concept that's unique & highly desire

    Year round sporting calendar that pulls crowd

    PROVEN RECIPE For Success

    Proven success accross cities in India.

    Tried, tested & strengthened set of systems and procedures

    Corporate support structure to back your locations every need.

    Complete Marketing guidelines & execution Strategies

    Own a Piece

    Of The Action

    We award franchises to only the best candidates in each market. The continued growth and success of our brand is dependant on our franchisees sharing the same vision, and our experienced team works side by side with them to deliver the support needed to dominate each market.


      Of The Action

      We award franchises to only the best candidates in each market. The continued growth and success of our brand is dependant on our franchisees sharing the same vision, and our experienced team works side by side with them to deliver the support needed to dominate each market.

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