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**We are opening soon in Bangalore and Indore.**

Experience the Fever: Join Us for IPL 2024 Live Screening and Cheer Your Heart Out

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is back! Time for the promising weeks of nonstop action, drama, and electrifying moments. But where do you experience it all in a way that replicates the energy of a packed stadium? Underdoggs, the best sports bar is the place to be! We’re transforming our space into an IPL fanatic’s stadium. The bar is bringing the electrifying atmosphere of the biggest matches straight to your local hangout.

What if you have a satisfying clink of glasses as you toast a victory (or regret a loss) with your mates. The roar of the crowd, amplified by our top-notch sound system, erupts from massive high-definition screens. It transports you straight into the core of the action. We have freshly brewed beers, crafted specifically for the IPL season by our in-house brewers. It will keep your thirst quenched. We have a mouthwatering selection of bar snacks, prepared with love by our talented chefs. Underdoggs ensure you never miss a single delivery on an empty stomach.

Here’s what makes Underdoggs from an ordinary sports bar to the ultimate venue for your IPL viewing experience:

Unmissable Action on Big Screens

Witness every yorker, every boundary catch, and every last-ball cliffhanger in stunning detail on our giant screens. Feel the pulse of the crowd. Get into the intensity of the game like never before. Replay controversial decisions. Analyze tactics and erupt in cheers alongside your fellow cricket enthusiasts

A Celebration of Brews

We’ve brewed up a special selection of limited-edition beers just for the IPL season! We have light and refreshing lagers perfect for the summer heat. You can also try bold and hoppy IPAs with a kick. There’s a perfect pint waiting for every cricket lover. Feeling adventurous? Try our IPL special – a unique brew inspired by the colors and spirit of the tournament!

A Mix of Flavors for Every Craving

Our chefs have curated a menu specifically designed for sharing and cheering. Think crispy onion rings for the health-conscious (kind of!). We have juicy chicken wings tossed in fiery sauces to ignite your taste buds. Want some perfectly seasoned fries that are impossible to resist? We’ve got vegetarian and vegan options too. We ensure nobody gets left out of the delicious fun.

The Company of Cricket Devotees

Surround yourself with a community of fellow cricket fanatics! Cheer alongside them, dissect bowling strategies. Celebrate every victory together. Make new friends who share your passion for the game and swap stories about your favorite players.

Beyond the Matches

We’re not just showing the games. We’re creating an unforgettable IPL experience for you! Expect exciting contests throughout the season. Get into healthy debates supporting your team. We’ll also be hosting special promotions on food and drinks. And maybe even some IPL trivia nights to test your knowledge.

IPL 2024- What To Expect at The Best Sports Bar

  • Match Day Meltdowns: Every IPL match day at Underdoggs is a party! We’ll have special deals on beers and snacks. We may also have exciting giveaways that will have you on the edge of your seat. And maybe even some guest appearances by cricket legends (we’re keeping our fingers crossed!).
  • Predict and Win: Think you know who’ll win the toss or who will be the highest run scorer? Put your prediction skills to the test in the pre-match prediction among peers.
  • Your Home Away from the Stadium: Forget the cramped living room couch. Our sports bar is your new IPL VIP box! Relax in a comfortable atmosphere. Get surrounded by cricket memorabilia and fellow die-hard fans. We’ve got comfortable seating and ample space to mingle. There are enough screens to ensure you have a perfect view of the action, no matter where you’re sitting.

Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of the cricketing action! Book your table today! Get ready for an unforgettable IPL experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your jerseys, your friends, and your love for the game, and head down to Underdoggs. Let’s raise a glass and cheer on our favorite teams.  Celebrate the spirit of cricket together!


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